New Joiners

New Joiners

We require your child's Birth Cert and a signed Printed FAI Form to register them with the FAI, so please carefully follow these instructions so that we can get these processed as quickly as possible. Note this is only required for new joiners who have not been registered with the FAI before.

Please scan a document using a printer or scanner, if this is not possible a good photo taken with a phone will be acceptable.

Try to avoid shadows on the document and make it fill the photo frame as much as possible without cutting any out.

Send the full document by email to as a PDF or photo attachment.

Please scan and send your child's birth cert as described above to

On log in using the Email and Password used to create the account that registered the child.

This should list your current registrations, if not click on My Registrations e.g.

Registration In Clubforce

For each child that is a new registration this year, please press the Print FAI Form button to create a pre-populated form with your child’s details filled in. Please print and sign the full form, signing as illustrated:

Form Section B
  • the Parent/Guardian Signature (this should be a line ______ but its incorrectly generated as boxes)
  • the Player's Signature
  • both  Date fields  (including the one for the club secretary)

Please scan and send the signed form as described above to

Hold onto the printed form until receipt is acknowledged in case it is needed for re-submission.

For any players that do not have Irish Nationality or do not have an Irish Birth Certificate there is further documentation required.
We will be in contact regarding this.
For any new joiners who are having difficulty with the Birth Cert/Registration form requirement we will be available at the Clubhouse (opposite CBE) on Tuesday 11th May and Thursday 13th May evenings 7-8pm with the printed forms. Please bring your child's birth cert and we will take a copy, you can sign the form and you're done!
For Foreign Players who require additional information above, if you have the required documents you can submit them all then also.
Any issues please email